Returns or cancellation policy

The cancellation & return policy will totally depend on subscription, based. It is very important for subscribers who is related with hellokonect.  We describe below some point which is relate:


Policy for Subfranchiser:- 


  1. The subfranchisee can cancel his subscription, but for this he will have to inform his franchiser about cancellation. So that he can appoint another sub-franchisor in the related area/ pin code/ state/ city from you.This time period is mentioned in both the written and digital agreement.
  2. Sub franchisee will pay or paying only sub franchisee fee and subscription fee to Franchiser.
  3. If the sub-franchisee has already paid for the subsequent months, then he will have to complete that time period. After that: the process of cancelation or conclusion will proceed.
  4. Any kind of sub-franchisee fee and subscription fee deposited will not be refunded.
  5. Whatever is done by the subfranchisee will be self-responsible. For this, the company can expel your sub-franchise without any prior notice.
  6. If the company expels you from the franchisee position, the subscription fee will be non-refundable. Whereas sub franchisee fee is also nonrefundable.
  7. In situation of return or cancelation of subscription or expels to sub franchisee, franchisee will liable to return the all data of users/ vendors and details of all ledger and account with company. Which the company will have to provide within the condition mentioned in agreement. So that the company can take further action.
  8. The subfranchisee will have to return all the stationery, documents and all the stationery, documents and other materials used for publicity and distribution to the company.
  9. And he has to assure the company that he has not misappropriated the trademarks, rights or products of Hellokonect. And if any such situation happens in future, then the sub-franchisee will be responsible for the accountability and the legal proceedings.


Policy  for of vendor’s:-


  1. In hellokonect vendor as a subscribers of hellokonect only. Vendors is using hellokonect , as a business directory to grow, expand and develop their business under a defined subscription.
  2. For which vendor will take subscription under a monthly plan which will be non-refundable.
  3. The vendor accept that he is using hellokonect as a search engine. And the profit and loss of the business is not related to the sale of the vendor's products and services or the profit and loss. Hellokonect only as a search engine or business directory.
  4. The vendor himself is responsible for the product or service provided or sold to the user. For which the vendor will raise the invoice to the user and receive the payment from user.
  5. The vendor shall be solely responsible for any liability arising out of the product or service.
  6. Membership of the vendor is liable to be canceled if any complaint of cheating or defective products and poor service is received by hellokonect without prior permission. 

Therefore, the vendor accepts that it will provide good service to its customers and   solve the problems of the customers as per the specified agreement. Hellokonect  shall have no liability whatsoever. 


Pricing Details:-


  1. In case of both Sub-franchisee and vendor: Price details in the form of a written agreement: As mentioned in the agreement.
  2.  In both case they will liable to pay the tax (GST and TDS) as applicable taxes.
  3. In any case price or deposit amount will not be refundable.
  4. Hellokonect is providing only a service as a business directory or search engine.
  5. Hellokonect not selling any product and service to end users or public.
  6. If the end user want any product. They require go on the website of Hellokonect. Then they require to fill their requirement with personal details. After the filled of details they have many option behalf of their requirement and they want to choose one. If they go the choose one then product or service provide will contact him or customer also contact them for end of product or service use. And here vendor is responsible for selling of product or service and for making invoice and received the amount from end users. That means hellokonect only a search engine or business directory, who is mediater between of vendor and user.

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